Weston Residence | St. Helena, California


Residential Project | St. Helena, California

Nielson Construction's portion of this multi-million dollar residence included all the earthwork, installation of utilities, retaining walls and completion of access roads and courtyards.

Trenches were dug throughout the property for the wet and dry utilities. The spoils were removed and crushed onsite to produce backfill material.  By utilizing this method of recycling, Nielson avoided the extra expenses of off-hauling spoils and importing fill material.

The residence’s septic system, storm drains, gas lines and waterlines were installed.  In addition to the main home, the site for the guest house was cleared and grubbed, and its footing was placed.  Nielson installed an access road to the property’s water tanks. Once retaining walls were built up the driveway and around the auto-park, an aggregate-base driveway and an asphalt-concrete courtyard for automobiles were installed.

Although much of Nielson’s work remains out of sight, it is essential to the operation of the Weston Residence.


Weston Residence | St. Helena, California
Contract Value $2,009,000