Arbuckle Bridge Replacement | Napa, California

Residential Project | Napa, California

This project consisted of the removal and replacement of a homeowner’s 75-foot steel bridge over an active creek.  

Before work on the removal of the old bridge could begin, implementation and maintenance of storm water runoff, including tree and wildlife protection measures, were put into place as well as tree removal and trimming.

Removal and demolition consisted of the existing 10’ x 75’ steel and concrete bridge over Redwood Creek, site fencing, asphalt driveway and existing bridge abutments. Excavation and installation of new bridge abutments and drilled-hole pier foundations were completed before the installation of the pre-manufactured 12’ x 80’ steel bridge with an 8” double mat concrete deck. Subgrade conditioning for bridge approaches and the new driveway section was performed along with base rock and asphalt placement and installation of a new rock lined swale.

Site restoration included clean up, planting of native trees and shrubs as well as hydroseeding.


Arbuckle Residence | Napa, California
Contract Value $235,700