Dan Foley Park | Vallejo, California


Dan Foley Park | Greater Vallejo Recreation District

Due to the natural wear of time and weather, the Greater Vallejo Recreation District needed to restore the entryway to the Dan Foley Park, requiring new curbs, driveway and parking lot.

In order to prepare the site for the new installations, the old concrete and roads were demolished and subsequently, destructive trees and their root systems were removed to avoid damage to the new travel-ways. Aggregate base filled the voids left by the roots, and the area was graded and compacted.  Once these steps were completed, the curbs and rails were installed and the parking lot, driveways and walkways were paved.  

With the final touches of installing signs and striping, the Dan Foley Park could resume business with smooth roadways and paths to welcome their visitors.


Client: Greater Vallejo Recreation District
Contract Value $708,675