Tulocay Bridge | Napa, California

Design-Build | City of Napa

The design-build and installation of Tulocay bridge marked a successful collaboration with the City of Napa, as its completion allowed pedestrians and cyclists to traverse the beautiful Tulocay Creek section of the Napa Valley Vine Trail.

Because of the environmentally sensitive nature of Tulocay Creek, each step of production guaranteed the preservation of the natural resources and environment of the creek. BMP’s were installed, and the area was cleared, while properly maintaining the environment of the creek. Due to the embankment soil the bridge abutments and foundation required innovation to ensure the integrity of the bridge and to avoid further erosion of the creek bed, thus the design incorporated helical piles. The new design was implemented and once the foundation was complete, the bridge was finished onsite and then installed. Approaches were paved to connect the North and South ends of the bridge, completing the Tulocay Bridge. 

With the pathway to the bridge completed, the Napa Valley Vine Trail opened for public use around Tulocay Creek.


Agency: City of Napa
Contract Value $665,000