Commercial Projects

Nielson Construction has experience working with a wide range of commercial clients from institutions to vineyards.

Our company provides an in-depth examination of your construction plans for practicality and then sets up the most efficient timeline for bringing those plans to fruition. Our value engineering services seek to identify areas where a better method or material could improve time efficiency or cost effectiveness.

Pre-construction value engineering ensures that a client’s dollar goes as far as possible while also keeping the project on task and on schedule.

Hyde Winery

This project consisted of the preparation for and the installation of pavement.  The scope of work included clearing and grubbing of the area; erosion control; earthwork and grading; lime treatment; installation of storm drains and water systems; removal of lime; paving of driveway, parking stalls, as well as the converging pavement and walkways.

Oakville Grade Winery

Work for the Oakville Grade Winery consisted of trenching, backfill, removal of storm water level dissipaters, installation of utilities, a domestic waste system, underground drain system, grading and grade swell, aggregate base pathways, and asphalt concrete.